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no cost involved to register.

No Contracts. We endeavor to give our customers the freedom and ease to be part of this terrific company.

No. You can remain with your provider for the line rental, use VeeTel for the Override and take advantage of our cheap International calls

Yes. Click here for more information about our Home Phone Line Rental Plans

It is as easy as signing up for the override, call 1300 833 835 to join. All we do is register your information in our database, then arrange a Voice recording to authorise the transfer of your Telephone number to VeeTel. So there are no forms to fill or sign just a couple of minutes of your time and we are on the way. Nonetheless if you prefer, we can still send you a transfer form to complete or you can sign up online by clicking here

Most of your existing products and services will be available through VeeTel. However some services are not available such as Priority Assistance, Message bank 101 and Pensioner discounts. Regardless, our plans and rates are competitive and you may still warrant an overall saving on your monthly VeeTel bill.

The transfer of your phone number to VeeTel takes between 3-5 working days. Once the transfer is complete we will send you a welcome letter confirming the completion of transfer and charges.

Yes, we are currently offering great Mobile Sim only plans. Click here to sign up now.

Yes we are offering a great plans such as NBN and Line Rental.

We send you an itemised bill once a month with the calls you make. If you have line rental with VeeTel, your monthly line rental charges will be included as well as any extra service charges you may have had with your previous line rental provider for Example Calling number Display or Call Control. If you have a Mobile or Internet services you will be charged the access fees. Any discounts VeeTel may provide you will be included on the bill. The initial month of billing will be pro-rated from the date you join and a month in advance for all Line Rental and Internet access fee charges. Call charges are only for the month of billing. For Example, The calls you make in May are sent to you on the May Bill around 11th of June and so on.

VeeTel provides multiple payment options including: Australia Post (Icurs $3.30 fee for every transaction), over the counter at St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA, Bpay, Credit Card through our Pay By Phone system 1300 760 093. Online Credit , personal, business or money order cheques.

Yes with your Authorisation we can set your VeeTel account to be direct debited every month by the due date. (with Credit cards only)

Simply by Introducing a family or friend to VeeTel. For Every person you introduce to VeeTel you will be issued a discount of $5.00 as soon as that person makes $5.00 worth of calls. For more information call us on 1300 833 835.

Call VeeTel’s friendly Customer Service team on 1300 833 835 or email us at: to make an online enquire.

Yes, VeeTel has a multi-lingual call centre in Sydney, Australia.