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I am authorizing VeeTel to transfer my existing mobile number from my previous provider to VeeTel as stated in this application form. I have also read and understood the following mobile Terms and Conditions:

VeeTel Provides Mobile Sim only plans. You can transfer your existing mobile number to VeeTel from your current provider. VeeTel can provide you with a new mobile number. All new VeeTel Sim cards come with active Voice mail diversions. To set up Voicemail from your mobile, Dial 121 then, follow the prompts through the recorded tutorial. You will be asked to set up your PIN, Name and Greeting. To deactivate your voice mail dial ##002# from your handset.
Additional Charges
VeeTel will also charge you for additional fees for services such as 1900, 123 Sensis, International roaming, International calls and 3G internet connections as well as access to the Vodafone Live website from your mobile phone. These rates are consistently changing. VeeTel is unable determine the exact charge of these services. You may incur a high bill when using internet services from your VeeTel Sim Card.

Premium SMS and MMS are a type of messaging services including competitions, voting, content subscriptions, chat and dating services that are charged at higher rates to your VeeTel account. Premium SMS numbers are either 6 digit numbers starting with 191, 193, 194 or 195, or 8 digit numbers starting with 196, 197 or 199. Premium Service charges differ depending on the service you are subscribing to. If unexpectedly you receive premium SMS on your mobile, you can stop this by either replying the word STOP to the message or call VeeTel on 1300 833 835 to BAR all premium services for you.

 VeeTel Sim cards come with International IDD and Roaming restrictions. Prices are consistently changing and are charged at higher rates. Roaming and International call charges may be delayed due to delivery of calls from overseas carriers. Call VeeTel to obtain the most current Roaming and IDD rates. A bond of $250.00 may be required w to activate International IDD or roaming. This bond may be held by VeeTel for a minimum of 3 months.

Mobile cap exclusions are 3G data charges, GPRS connections, WAP connections, International Calls, International roaming calls, 1900 calls, 123 Sensis calls or Directory calls, Call minder Operator calls and Premium SMS. It is the customer’s responsibility to manage these services as they may incur higher monthly bills.

For full list of our Terms and conditions, click here.