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By Registering for Line Rental  

I authorise VeeTel to transfer my Line Rental from my previous provider to VeeTel

I understand when authorising VeeTel to transfer my line Rental I am also transferring my Pre selection/Long distance calls as well. The transfer of my Line Rental may take up to 5 to 10 working days to complete. I can use VeeTel override in the meantime. The transfer or connection of my Line Rental and Long Distance direct service may fail due to network duplication or my line service is not compatible with the network. By authorizing the transfer of my line Rental to VeeTel I am consenting that I am the account holder of the telephone and the information I have provided is true and correct. I understand that prices are subject to change without notice. I understand access fees are charged from the date of connection and one month in advance. Any additional discounts, benefits and services from my existing provider will not automatically be transferred or may no longer be available. I am liable for charges and commitment billed after the date of transfer from my previous provider. I am Subject to VeeTel’s credit assessing policies. I understand that it is my responsibility to check the terms and conditions of my existing fixed telephone services relevant to this transfer to VeeTel with my existing service provider.

I understand If i do not have an existing telephone line, VeeTel can connect a new line for me, there are connection fees involved to provide my a new line at your premises. $59.00 Connection Fee: This is when a working telephone socket exists from a previous connection and a technician is not required to visit my property or premises.$299.00 connection Fee: New telephone line connection - a telephone service has not previously been connected at my premises (There may have previously installed cabling to my property or premises and you may be able to hear a dial tone) Telephone line connection with a technician visit with cabling work - a previous telephone service existed at my property or premises and a technician is required to visit my property or premises to install and work on the cabling up to the first socket in the property or premises

I understand VeeTel will bill me for all calls directly (without an override) this includes local National, International, and calls to mobile. VeeTel will also charge me for additional features used by me for example 1900, 123 Sensis, *10# and extra service charges I may have had with your previous line rental provider for Example Calling number Display, Call Control, Silent line or Message Bank..etc. If at anytime I am experiencing a fault on my telephone line I must contact VeeTel during business hours to advise of the problem. I understand an Incorrect call out fee of $105.00 may be charged, only if no fault is found on the network. I understand The Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and the Network Boundary Point (NBP) are not considered part of the network however they are part of the Customer’s Premises Equipment (CPE).

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