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VeeTel Service FAQS

1. General VeeTel Service FAQs
2. ADSL2+ FAQs

General VeeTel Service FAQs

Question: How much does it cost to join VeeTel?
Answer: no cost involved to register.

Question: Do I have to be on a contract?
Answer: No Contracts. We endeavor to give our customers the freedom and ease to be part of this terrific company.

Question: Do I need to have Line Rental with VeeTel?
Answer:  No. You can remain with your provider for the line rental, use VeeTel for the Override and take advantage of our cheap International calls.

Question: How do I make calls with VeeTel?
Answer: Very easy Just by dialling the VeeTel override.  For example,

Local: Dial 1466 + Phone Number
National: Dial 1466 + Area Code + Phone Number
International: Dial 1466 + 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number
Calls to Mobile: Dial 1466 + Mobile Number.

Question: Do I need to join VeeTel to use 1466 override number?
Answer: Yes, Call 1300 833 835 to join. All we do is enter your information in our database and connect 1466 override to your telephone line. You can also join VeeTel by clicking here.

Question: Does VeeTel have a Line rental service?
Answer: Yes. Click here for more information about our Home Phone Line Rental Plans

Question: How do I sign up to VeeTel for the Line Rental?
Answer: It is as easy as signing up for the override, call 1300 833 835 to join. All we do is register your information in our database, then arrange a Voice recording to authorise the transfer of your Telephone number to VeeTel. So there are no forms to fill or sign just a couple of minutes of your time and we are on the way. Nonetheless if you prefer, we can still send you a transfer form to complete or you can sign up online by clicking here

Question: Will I keep the same products and services when I transfer my phone to VeeTel?
Answer: Most of your existing products and services will be available through VeeTel. However some services are not available such as Priority Assistance, Message bank 101 and Pensioner discounts. Regardless, our plans and rates are competitive and you may still warrant an overall saving on your monthly VeeTel bill.

Question: What happens when I sign up to VeeTel Line Rental?
Answer: The transfer of your phone number to VeeTel takes between 3-5 working days. Once the transfer is complete we will send you a welcome letter confirming the completion of transfer and charges.

Question: Do I still need to dial 1466 if I request Line Rental with VeeTel?
Answer: Once you receive the VeeTel confirmation letter you do not need to dial 1466. VeeTel Line Rental customers can directly dial most numbers from their telephone service for Local National or STD and International calls.

Question: Does VeeTel have Mobile Services.
Answer: Yes, we are currently offering great Mobile Sim only plans. Click here for more information.

Question: Does VeeTel have Internet Services.
Answer: Yes we are offering a great range of Bundled Braodband Internet packages including cheap ADSL2+ Plans and broadband deals as well as a plan with Unlimited ADSL2+ downloads.  Click here to find out more

Question: Does VeeTel provide ADSL2+ Standalone Plans  
Answer: Yes we do. Click here to find out more.

Question: Does VeeTel provide ADSL2+ in regional areas  
Answer: Yes we do. Click here to find out more about our regional plans or give us a call on 1300 833 835.

Question: How will I be billed?
Answer: We send you an itemised bill once a month with the calls you make. If you have line rental with VeeTel, your monthly line rental charges will be included as well as any extra service charges you may have had with your previous line rental provider for Example Calling number Display or Call Control. If you have a Mobile or Internet services you will be charged the access fees. Any discounts VeeTel may provide you will be included on the bill. The initial month of billing will be pro-rated from the date you join and a month in advance for all Line Rental and Internet access fee charges. Call charges are only for the month of billing. For Example, The calls you make in May are sent to you on the May Bill around 11th of June and so on.

Question: How do I pay my VeeTel bill.  
Answer: VeeTel provides multiple payment options including: Australia Post (Icurs $3.30 fee for every transaction), over the counter at St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA, Bpay, Credit Card through our Pay By Phone system 1300 760 093. Online Credit , personal, business or money order cheques.

Question: Can I set up direct debit with VeeTel
Answer: Yes with your Authorisation we can set your VeeTel account to be direct debited every month by the due date. (with Credit cards only)

Question: How can I get further discounts on my VeeTel Bill.
Answer: Simply by Introducing a family or friend to VeeTel. For Every person you introduce to VeeTel you will be issued a discount of $5.00 as soon as that person makes $5.00 worth of calls. For more information call us on 1300 833 835.

Question: What if I want to make changes or have any enquires about to my VeeTel Account?
Answer: Call VeeTel’s friendly Customer Service team on 1300 833 835 or click here to Make an online enquire.

Question: Can someone speak my language?
Answer: Yes, VeeTel has a multi-lingual call centre in Sydney with languages that include Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Hindi and Punjabi.


Question: Do you provide Naked DSL?
Answer: No, VeeTel does not provide Naked DSL at the moment. However it is on the cards in future.

Question: Are you a reseller or do you manage your own connections?
Answer: VeeTel is a reseller our wholesale network supplier manages the network.

Question: Do you support migrations, both to and from?
Answer: Yes here is a list of ISPs that VeeTel can migrate to and from: AAPT Ltd, Ace Internet Pty Ltd, Adam Internet Pty Ltd, Agile Pty Ltd, AlwaysOnline Pty Limited, Amcom Pty Limited, Australia Online Pty Limited, Belmont Computer Centre Pty Ltd T/AS Sunet Internet, Brennan Voice and Data, Broadband Wireless Pty Limited, Chariot Limited, Clarenston Pty Ltd, Clever Communications, Dodo Australia Pty Ltd, Dragnet Internet Services Pty Ltd, ECN Pty Limited, Ecopost Pty Ltd, EFTel, Exetel Pty Ltd, E-Talk Communications Pty Limited (trading as Comcen Internet Services), Fortana Networks Australia Pty Ltd, Foundation IT Services Pty Limited, GCOMM Pty Ltd, Global Dial Pty Ltd, Gotalk Ltd, iiNet Ltd, Integrity Network Solutions, Internet Australis Pty Ltd, Intrapower Pty Ltd, ispOne Pty Ltd, iSeek Communications Pty Ltd, Library Board of Victoria (trading as VicNet), Make the Net Work for You Pty Limited (trading as EscapeNet), Motiv Communications, N C Cable Pty Ltd, NEC Australia Pty Limited, Net2000 Pty Limited, Netspace Networks Pty Ltd, Network Technology (Aust) Pty Limited, Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, OPTUS Networks Pty Ltd, PACNET INTERNET (A) PTY LTD, People Telecom Ltd, Platform Networks, Powertel Limited, Primus Telecommunications Pty Limited, Request Broadband P/L, Saunders Properties Pty Limited, Soul Pattinson Telecommunications Pty Ltd, Spectrum Networks Pty Ltd, Symbio Wholesale Pty Ltd, TPG Internet P/L, Unitedtec Pty Ltd, Universal Network Technologies Pty Ltd, Victorian Railtrack, MediaMesh Pty Ltd, Westnet Pty Ltd, Westvic Broadband Pty Ltd, Wideband Networks Pty Ltd and Winderee Investments Pty Ltd

Question: What is the minimum contract length?
Answer: The contract length varies from no contact, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, this depends on the plan that you choose. You can find all our plans by clicking here

Question: Is there a cancellation fee?
Answer: If the contract is broken within the commitment period, there will be a $99 early cancellation fee.

Question: Is there a limit on the amount of data I can download each month?
Answer: Depending on the plan if download limit is exceeded speed will be shapped to 256kbps.

Question: Do you count uploads towards the monthly data limit?
Answer: No, the only data we count is what the user has downloaded.

Question: Is the service unmetered?
Answer: Unlimited plans are all unmetered; A Fair use Policy policy applies.

Question: Can I check my download usage online?
Answer: We are currently working on an online download usage link. In the meantime if you require to check your download usage please call our friendly Customer Service representatives on 1300 833 835 between Monday to Friday 8:30am-8:00pm and Weekends 10am-5:00pm AEST. They will be able to provide you with acurrate download usage up until the previous working day.

Question: Is your customer support a premium rate number?
Answer: No, the customer support number is 1300 833 835, which is a 13 number it is charged at a flat rate. If the line rental is with VeeTel, it would cost 35.2 cents per call.

Question: Can you set up a reverse DNS entry?
Answer: Unfortunately at this point VeeTel is not setting up reverse DNS entries but it’s something which is in the near future.

Question: Do you accept payment by Bpay, without requiring a backup Direct Debit option on the customer's credit card?
Answer: All ADSL2+ plans (Metro and Regional) are available only on direct debit through a nominated Credit Card.

Question: Can you provide optional automatic "anti spam" blocking?
Answer: All VeeTel email accounts come with a FREE Anti-Spam blocking and FREE Anti-Virus protection.

Question: Can I opt out from spam blocking to ensure I get all my email?
Answer: Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus options are applied as default, but the user has the option to disable those options by contacting VeeTel Internet Support on 1300 833 835.

Question: Do you provide ADSL2+ Modem/Routers?
Answer: Yes VeeTel provides a Dlink Wireless modems.

Question: Does VeeTel provide static IP?
Answer: VeeTel does not provide customers with a static IP address at this stage. All IP addresses are currently Dynamic. However we may be able to provide static IPs if required. Please feel free to contact VeeTel Internet Support on 1300 833 835 or email for further information.

Question: Do you support Rapid Transfer or Churn?
Answer: Yes, VeeTel is a participant in the Rapid Transfer/Churn process which means you will be able to transfer your existing ADSL2+ (must be a participant in the Rapid Transfers process) service to VeeTel in a shorter period then normal, usually 5-10 business days instead of 10-14 business days.

Question: What network is VeeTel using for it ADSL2 Services?
Answer: VeeTel runs of the Telstra infrustructure.

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