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All plans (Metro and Regional) are available only on direct debit through a nominated Credit Card. Click here for Line Rental Terms and conditions for Bundle plans. ADSL2 is only available in selected coverage areas. The new connection or transfer fees are charged on your first VeeTel bill. You understand access fees are charged from the date VeeTel activates your ADSL2 connection on your line and one month in advance. You are responsible for your internet use and wireless security. Therefore VeeTel takes no responsibility for any data downloaded and/or the content stored on your computer. Please see VeeTel's postion on copyright laws. All VeeTel Internet services are subject to Acceptable Use Policy. All ADSL2 Plans cannot be used in conjunction with any other VeeTel offer. Unused downloads cannot be rolled over to a new Calendar month. Speed shaped to 256kbps when monthly download limit is exceeded. Speed will revert back to ADSL2 fast speed at the start of a new calendar month.

8.1 Direct Debit

All ADSL2 plans (Metro and Regional) are available only on direct debit through a nominated Credit Card. VeeTel Pty Ltd will send you a monthly invoice and will debit your credit card on the due date of your VeeTel invoice. A fee of $11.00 applies if the direct debit transaction gets rejected. If you choose to change your Direct Debit details, please contact VeeTel Customer Service on 1300 833 835.

8.2 Plan Downgrades

if you request to downgrade during your commitment period a $99.00 downgrade fee applies. The plan will take effect from the following calender month with a new 24 months commitment period.

8.3 Plan Upgrades

If you request to upgrade your plan a fee of $99.00 will apply. If the upgrade is to the unlimited plan a new 24 months commitment period applies. All upgrades will take affect from the following calender month.

8.4 Connections

ADSL2 transfers and connections may take up to 10 to 14 working days to complete. Subject to availability at your local exchange. VeeTel will not be liable for delays in transfer or connections. The transfer or connection of your ADSL2 may fail due to your local exchange being too far away from your premises therefore hindering the service we provide, no available ADSL2 ports at your local exchange or your line infrastructure is not compatible with the ADSL2 network.

8.5 Relocations

A relocation fee of $99.00 is applicable when customers change their address and/or phone number in addition to Telephone line relocation charges. The Relocation fee applies with no additional per month cost unless relocation is to another Telstra Exchange Zone (Zones 2 and 3 Regional) $198.00 relocation fee plus an additional premium per month will apply.

8.6 Internet Speeds

8.6.1 VeeTel cannot guarantee any speeds. Please note: Due to Factors our of our control the line speed and download speed will differ due to the following aspects including:

•Distance from the local telephone exchange.

•If the cable from the Local Telephone exchange is running through Sub Exchanges, RIMs or Top Hats causes drastic drops in speed.

•The quality of the phone line.

•Quality of cabling

•Line Filtering.

•The number of equipment connected to the network and phone line.

•Quality of hardware and software of your modem and PC.

•Any major works or maintenance by our wholesale supplier, in which it may restrict your service to a lower speed.

•There may also be congestion at the local telephone exchange or network on our wholesale supplier’s equipment this means our wholesale supplier may not be able to provide the consistent speeds at all times of the day.

•Downloads from overseas sites. Some International sites will have their own traffic management per site visitor to a specific download rate. This means slower download speed on the site may be experienced. The reasons these sites have their own restrictions in place to ensure all visitors to their websites have the same accessibility and download rate.

8.6.2 VeeTel does not take responsibility for any Internal or external electrical/magnetic interferences which may occur that hinders the speed and or the connection to the internet.

8.7 Usage

8.7.1 Excess usage

You must use your Internet in accordance with any limits stated in plan that you subscribe to for the use of that Service. We may limit, suspend or terminate your Internet Service if you unreasonably exceed such limits. Speed will be limited to 256kpbs once monthly Total monthly data download limit is exceeded. Speed will revert back to ADSL2 Plus fast speed at the start of a new calendar month.

8.7.2 Subject Acceptable Use Policy

8.7.3 Online download usage

VeeTel currently does not have an online download usage link. In the meantime if you require to check your download usage please call our friendly Customer Service representatives on 1300 833 835 between Monday to Friday 8:30am-8:00pm and Weekends 10am-5:00pm AEST. They will be able to provide you with acurrate download usage. You can also email your request to VeeTel will also endeavour to send notifications to any contact mobile or email provided when 50%, 85% and 100% of data limit has been reached.